​Window & Screen Cleaning Service
​''We MAKE IT CLEAR"  no one likes Window Cleaning...We do!
There can be many reasons for getting your Windows Cleaned by a professional Window Cleaner.
  •  cleaned Windows look tidier
  • clean Windows give a better view
this are the obvious reasons, but there is more to know:
  • most important reason for Glass maintenance is Glass- degradation, the Glass will over time become permeated with buildups 
  • Minerals, from Wall & Building run-off, Garden Sprinkler Systems.
  • Oxidations, from all sorts of Metal like Gutters, Frames and Screens
  • Building Contaminants, Paint, Mortar, Deck-Stains and Oils
  • Environmental pollution like Acid Rain.
  • Natural pollution like Dust, Sea Salt/Spray, Sand
Rainwater can turn easily into ''hard Water" as it picks up those substances while running over prefabricated surfaces and deposits traces of these substances in the microscopically rough surface of the Glass, over time this builds up and the only way out is an expensive Glass restoration. This can be avoided by regularly professional Window Cleaning as unmaintained Windows can result in permanent damage over time. The easiest and fastest way to protect your investment is to give us a call today. We are your Window Cleaning Service here on the Sunshine Coast.
​Solar Panel Cleaning
Myth: Solar Panels are self cleaning
We clean your Solar Panels professional, fast and safe with our Pure Water DI system. This Professional DI System is the ultimate tool to give your Solar Panels a good Clean and make them work more efficient. Cleaning Solar Panels can increase the productivity by up to 30% not to mention that Solar Penal Cleaning will help to expand the lifetime of your Solar Panels and in some cases the Warranty.
Why let us clean your Solar Panels for you and not DIY? 
  • Working on a Roof can be very dangerous
  • We have got the Expertise and the professional Equipment for the Job
  • We are fully Insured
  • We know what we have to look for to give you a Roof Report
  • With our System, your Solar Panels stay clean for longer
  • Proof for your Manufacturers Warranty 

​Handyman Service
...the better Handyman on the Sunshine Coast
ALL JOBs Handyman Service for Buderim and surroundings has got a very good and solid reputation for being reliable, on time, friendly and honest. We pride ourselves on good workmanship and integrity.
We make your projects ours and we will work to your budget. We always stick to our word and especially to our Quote, that's right NO NASTY SURPRISES when it comes to the Invoice. Especially our Senior customers appreciate that we do NOT pressure them when it comes to making decisions. 
We cater for all of your odd Jobs, big Jobs, Projects and Homeowner Dreams. Our Quotes are free so give us a call to arrange an appointment today.
  • Home
  • Yard
  • Garden
  • Garage
Bee Swarm Removal
We Remove Bee Swarms and relocate them for you safe and sound. 
Bees in your Wall? Give us a Call!
Areas we serve 
Kunda Park, Maroochydore, Alexandra Headland, BliBli,
Forest Glen, Buderim, Mooloolaba
Mons, Tanawha, Mountain Creek, Sippy Downs, Kawana, Warana, Minyama, Buddina, Kuluin, Mudjimba, Rosemount, Mons, Birtinya